terça-feira, 14 de agosto de 2007

Sky cries

Hold me has we fall into that abyss of depression. The sun will never shine for us again, for that I thank the curse that has brought us here. If we like the silence and loneliness, the dark and mystic things, we are falling down into our own heaven, my love. If we are just fools that try to impress the others or just scare the people in the streets, we'll surely die in a die or two. Either way, I'm with you and that's what matters. Hold me close to you, pain won't harm me in this pitiful place, watched by the night demons. Sorrow will be corrupted by the happiness of loving you to death and after, to hold you and touch you until the blue sky, far away, turns into a black cloud vision, hiding the night stars and my mother, the moon, that couldn't save me. I watch you while the sky cries.
A false vision comes out of the shadows just to torment you. Let me be your guard, your protection, while you hide in fear. Let me battle the world for you. Then, after all the dust is staled, look at me with your crying eyes and see that I'm alive and the world died. No one else to judge us, no more illusions coming out of the shadows into your nightmares. Let me clean you tears with a kiss and see your clean and beautiful face. I'll tell you that I love you as much as you want, just don't ever leave me. I'll protect you from the rocks that the Devil sends on us. No more sorrow I want to see in your eyes. No more pain from where you can't take pleasure. Just the joy and happiness of us being together, just holding each other. The sky cries tears of sadness. Love has gone into an abyss. We've shown the world that humanity is doomed. Our love will help us survive the end of the world. Sky cries for you and me. I love you.

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