quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2007

No feelings at all

Look around in the darkness and tell me what you see. Tell me what you feel when I leave behind to the hands of the demons. Because you know that they'll feed of your brain. Hope for the angels to drop from the sky and save you from the terrible fate that you have in front of you. But your sins from the past are too much heavier for the angels to carry. They can't clean your errors. No one can, not even you. That's why you'll die alone, old and bitter with the sun focusing his heat on you. Hope you melt along with your lack of intelligence.
You're in a thin line above a never-ending abyss and you're trying to keep walking forward, not to fall. The darkness bellow is hunting, sure, but it's your curse to meet me in the end of the abyss where I shall get my revenge. The blood that runs trough your veins is all that I seek. The death of your mortal soul, the one that I can't feel anymore. Don't want it either. I'll slowly drink the blood from you, kill you and giving myself pleasure. Fall into your fate, the dark abyss where I lay, waiting for you.
All alone, I feel in home. My veins are full of blood and no one to bleed for except myself. That is the right way to live. Without any distractions, just meaningless actions. I'll live in the dark with the music always there to console me.

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