quarta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2007

Mind of a demented demon

Who's got the answer to all the questions that circle around all the minds in the world? Heavy hearted and painfully full of joy, I look up to the rain clouds in the sky, the clouds of summer. It's a joy to see the God's cry and their tears fall down like little drops of water the the humans like to call rain. Every tiny thing around me seems so fake, this world looks so made out from the scratch just to be my curse. Never asked to live but now here I am, in pain. Who's to save me?
It's raining outside. I love to ear the tears of the Gods fall on the floor, taking the old and dry leafs with them. I wait patiently for the whispering wind to come and take those leafs away. Looking at them is like running to the oppose of me, a fragile and weak being that doesn't know how to defend itself. Am I suppose to feel pity or any other feeling for those beings? I'm condescend to anyone that talks to me, I'm an obvious hater, a selfish being that doesn't belong in any place. I like it that way. All the humans are fake so why do I need you?
This filthy street was born from the dreams of a men, that's why it's so impure. I'm the one that seeks the truth in the eyes of the person. I feel the souls of the undeserving when they're down. I feel superior all the time so why even bother giving you explanations. I'll keep my thoughts to myself until my head explodes. Leave me behind for the damned zombies. They won't eat me, they'll worship me. Follow my rules and ideas, let me build my dreams and then help me destroy them. Because that's the nature of man. You destroy what you've build. Let us die in pleasure.
All we want is what we don't have. Our wishes will never be fulfilled. You'll die and your soul will wonder around the universe because you've never finished what you started. Give me your blood and let me drink it. Feed this curse that lives in me. Are you ready to become an immortal soul or are you just another weak minded human?

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