quarta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2007

The end

Alone I've found what I was looking for. This happiness comes from the darkness and solitude that I now have. It fulfils me. This is all I need, this is all I want. My wish to the death star has begun to fulfil itself. Movement from underground pulls me under. I don't feel low, I just feel free. I'm in the Hell that I need, with the blazing fire and temptation for the sins that condemn humanity and this Earth. Swimming in this pool, the hot fires won't burn me, they'll just tempt me to go even further in the garden of life. I'll burn the leaves of my past. They're my sins and my nightmares. That way I'll be able to live.
This leaves are red of blood. The blood that I've cried for my lost innocence. Right now, it doesn't look so lost because I still believe in foolish lies, in love and happiness. That sort of things that humans have created just to ease their heads at night and not to despair about the thought of suicide or dyeing alone. Hail the holy loneliness and the thought of suicide. Those are the real standards of life. After all, you live to die, why not do it yourself.

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