domingo, 12 de agosto de 2007

Frozen Tears

Death's smile on the window, while I look outside with glassy eyes, seeing the green grass growing more everyday, removing the far away house of my love, the eyes and passion flame that burns within her. The anger has caught me trapped in the see of thoughts, while the vivid memories of the sins of humanity, made in the past, long before I was born, came to my head and tortured me to the bones, eaten my flesh and skin. A fire that was spilled into my head, burn all the grey hair that I've let grow. Magically it has appeared back in this room, in this cursed house where my body will lay once I die of sorrow and sadness.
There's a hole in the middle of the floor. It keeps me back against the wall, where the wrath of the Demons of the Under World grab me with their tiny arms and pull me even more within this room. They feed of my hopes and dreams, the dreams of the chance to be with my love in the house of loneliness, in the room of darkness and black roses, that cut deeply our arms and wrists making scars in our souls. She has bled for me as much as I've struggled for her but human weakness and hunger is starting taking over us. The grief that we feel because of the distance has killed us inside but, undead, we live to be together. The blood that runs in our veins quickly comes out to the floor and becomes one more tear that came from our eyes. Frozen tears that come from the hearts of the undead.
This wooden room has summoned the Devil to eat my soul. I struggle with the strength that I have left. My soul belongs to her and no one else. I look trough the window and already my love has faded away. My anger takes control and all the Earth is destroyed. Everything except her. Her body remains are still laying in the floor of that room. By her body I sit and kill myself so our souls can fly away together and our bodies lay together forever. For the love of the Undead, we are among you all.

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