sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2007

Rain fetish

There are those that scream, there are those that keep the silence to them selves. I'm the one that is essential, I stand our in the rain just to receive the thoughts of the gods. Keep me wise, keep me in place, save me from myself and pull me to another place, above all clouds and people. I get the tears in my head, my hair is wet and slippery. I open my eyes to see your crying eyes right in front of my face. I put my face in your face in a way to console you. I see what goes on in your mind by your look. Don't worry, it won't be long. I see your eyes that are just equal to mine. I see my soul in your sadness and sorrow. Let me ease the pain.
I stand outside, looking in. There you are, looking back at me, with that sadness and sorrow in your eyes. Let me be the one to clean your tears. But when I come closer, you just step backward. Are you afraid of me? Or are you just too afraid to see yourself in me like I see myself in you? It's an idea but you just keep on proving it. I enjoy the rain that is falling upon me but you just keep yourself dry inside home. You cry your own rain. You build a river just with your tears. Why do you cry? Since you don't let me close to you, since you don't stand out in the rain with me, why do you cry? I'll seat here, waiting for you to join me. Hope someday you come here. Before the sun comes and I burn. Even burning, I'll be waiting for you. Since you don't join me in the rain, will you join me in death?
I see myself trough your eyes. I touch your lips with my fingers just to see if you're really here. It's raining and you're outside with me. Love isn't the only thing that matters here, you are. I'll cover you from the never-ending tears of pain from the gods with my body. I don't want you wet, just want you safe, with me. This window of pain is no longer dirty with blood. You've gave me hope, you've kept me standing in the rain. Bring your sorrow and sadness with you because I'm the one that causes it. Leave me into a new world and tell me that you're better. I'll be happy in the rain.

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