sábado, 11 de agosto de 2007


Red is the fire that burns my skin, grey is the world that I live in. I'm worshipping myself in my dark bedroom. There's no reason why, I just like it that way. In my own selfish way, I reveal the true self of this demon to the world and, in my egocentric kind of way, I say that I'm the one that cares and no one else. Vivid are my dreams at night where I control all that happens. Not far from reality, my dreams are the reflection of my thoughts. I only think of the future, so my dreams are visions of the future. Wish I would dream a way to be alone, far from everyone else. But now I want the autumn to come. I want the rain to arrive and keep people out of the streets so I can walk and cry by myself. But this ember won't stop burning, not until the sun stops shinning.
I sit down in my own thoughts, I reflect about myself. This fire has eaten my skin and is now trying to consume my soul. While my spirit wonders freely, my mind keeps itself focused on something more than this world. I wish to be free. That's the problem, but the one's that see it think that I should shut up and keep it to myself. Life's a pain, that's why I'm burning. This ember represents all the evil in me, the sins that I've done by my own laws. I don't and I won't worship a false god, something made up by the human mind to comfort them in their darkest hour. The face of Death will reveal itself to me. This ember won't stop burning. I'm alive, it consumes me.
Flames from Hell come into my direction. A motorcycle on fire without a rider comes my way and takes my energy with it. I hear the laugh of the Devil as I fall to my knees. Maybe nothing more to me than to burn in the fire pits of Hell, in those red warm waters that burn skin as smoothly as the eagle flies in the mountain skies. No game is this life. What is behind the horizon? What are the hills hiding? Hopefully the rain clouds that will erase this embers from me. Put down the fire that burns in my arms just with the holy tears of the Gods. Make me new, make me fresh, make me the demon that I am.

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