quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2007

Ashes on the grave

As quick as I look, as quick as I go, leaving the ground behind and flying towards the open sky, a cursed soul among the rest of the useless world, seeking guidance and passage into the immortal rest besides the great one's of Valhalla, the warriors that once brought the Earth's peace and that will return once again to bring the apocalypse and destroy all mortal beings, worthy or unworthy of a better life. Justice is blind to all the humans for the sins committed against the world and the Universe's natural balance, nothing is natural on them besides the will to kill and destroy, leaving to decay the autumn leaves that fly from the trees into the ground just to be carried away by the wind into their certain doom, burned in the hands of a mortal stranger.
Black figures, shadows of dreams, walk on cemetery at night, protecting those who have fallen and sending their souls into something better, a place where they can finally lay forever. Trough the harvest passage, face scared by long and epic wars, hands cold and cut by the leaves carried by wind, he finds the way into the gateway of his future. Blood thirst and flesh hunger, consuming the energy that the ashes on the graves send to the air, sending away the sorrow contained inside me. Void contracting in my head has I fly towards that special place that I call home.

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