quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2007

New world

It's a long path, a road made of stones and blood, surrounded by darkness and fear and, in the middle of the haze, we hold hands and look to each other and simply know that we're safe. We get lost in the walk of the night because the watcher has no control over us and the fate of the Earth isn't in our hands now. You're all doomed. So we continue to walk this road. We feed ourselves from each other souls. And continue walking alive and well.
I got lost in her eyes. Now she's leading the way. This haze around us is only broken by the fire that is burning inside of us. This fire, maybe the fire of love, lights the little space in front of us and it protects us against the monsters in our heads. The blood that we drink, the souls that we've consumed, the sins that we've made have brought us here and condemned mother Earth into certain doom. We'll soon going to be lost in space but since I'm lost in her eyes, I don't care. Nothing more than a way to say that I'm alive.
The rain has started to fall and even more powerful I feel, looking inside of her eyes, controlling the heart beatings, the thoughts that are mixed into an ideal world, created and ruled by us. No more monsters in our dreams or under our beds, no fear of death or hurt. Worshiping the madness in my eyes, she walks, she loves, she guides me into the new world that we've build. Dead in vain, lived to be a void. For her only...

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