quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2007

Where I lay

At the black,
No sorrow, no pity,
I know you'll be back,
Back to my reality.

Just sitting here,
Thinking of you,
Why can't you let me be me,
In whatever I may do?

The truth is ugly,
But the lie is worst,
You're gone, sadly,
In my mind, there's still your ghost.

It's all useless,
Nothings worth it,
And for you I do nothing less,
But to be me and sit.

I still wait,
For a positive answer,
Why won't you take the bait?
Won't you heal this cancer?

I'm all alone,
And in the rain I cry,
The bad things are done and gone,
Come here, where I lay.

Never know your sadness,
Never tasted your tears,
I just have this damn bitterness,
That the time ruins.

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