sexta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2007

Thy Demon

Hell's all the same, pain and torture, lakes of fire and stones thrown at me for the sins and the mistakes of my lifetime. It was a mistake, a misunderstood, an error of fate. I'm all that. Nothing at all, I shouldn't even been born, I didn't wanted to live so why am I here? I remember vividly those days of happiness, such a fool I was. No grey or black in me, nothing bad in my way except for life itself. A fate so codenamed even before I was born. Why was I born when all I wanted was to let my soul fly trough out my Universes.
I don't feel like crying, not even in the dark when I'm alone, not even when it's raining and it doesn't makes a difference. I've stooped listening to you all a long time ago. I'm making myself alone but still you try to impose yourself in me. I refuse to live your dreams, I want to make my own if I'm allowed to. My errors, my sins have dragged me into the fate of Hell, the torture of Hell, surely better than the torture of life. I'll seek the void that is the passage from this life to hell, I'll try to understand the reasons why, why so many hate, so much fear inside me. The destiny of thy demon, my soul, condemned again.

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