terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2007


It's raining. The water drops in the floor. It seems so fragile, so weak that just makes me want to catch it and kill it for being so weak and not changing it. It makes me feel so powerful, so energetic that I jump and I laugh. But somehow the sun is now shinning and the tears of the Gods have stopped. No more rain to make me feel good. Now I'm seeing the sun and it burns. It makes me feel low and it kills me. how can I continue without my rain.
The rain has come. The rain has passed but now it's back. It makes me smile. I got up and ran. I'm seeing the tears falling upon the stone in the ground. The haze comes with the rain. More energy for me. I'm feeling soft and happy. It may be dangerous but now only the rain matters. I'm alone, I'm looking trough the glass to the rain, it makes me powerful and the loneliness makes me happy. I'm alive watching the Gods die. I'm their rain.
Rain. You help when I'm feeling down. You let me cry when I need because you're the cover to all my pain and solitude. You're all that I have in this dark and dangerous world. With you I feel home and safe. It's you that comforts me and that wash my hands from the sins that I've made in the past. Glue me together when I'm broken, keep me up and standing when I'm about to fall or let me die in a blurry grave. Wash the tears from my face when the gods cry. Make me powerful, make me alive, make me myself because I need to feel it.

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