sábado, 18 de agosto de 2007

Fight for survival

I feel like a stranger to this world. I walk in this streets once again at night. Am I looking for something? I keep my head down, I only look up to see the stars and my mother shinning in the sky. The eyes of the persons that pass me by are empty. There's a light coming from their skull. Holy blasphemy that seeks for me deep in the woods, unaware that I've found the darkness I need in the corner of the city, where the dead man has awaken his army and is now moving towards you. but the thought of making a sin against my honour has brought me this far away from home. I need the time to think of what my next step will be.
A new day arrives and without surprise, Death has once again come to town to take the souls of the damned. His minions have forsaken me, what makes my journey even harder. But he has not. I'm still on his mind. His son, his successor, his Rising star, this crippled demon trapped inside of me, the one that defied both God and the Devil and rose up from Hell to this condemned Earth. Betrayed by the few one's that I still trusted, my fate has become so dark that not even the light of the moon can show me what it is. This haze has fallen upon the city and everything is grey. I don't know the way to the rest of my life, I'll just move forward.
This journey to glory has died. Now is a fight for survival. I follow the bats that have escaped of their cage and go into the darkness of a cave to sleep and hope of a hero to save me. But Death still awaits me to continue his job. What is this life that I lead? Blind and hopeless, I'll keep moving forward. Wait for me in no man's lands.

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