sábado, 25 de agosto de 2007

Tears of the Dead

Tears coming down from above, where the grey clouds cover the bright blue sky and make the world a dark and empty place, where all humans seek for light and guidance, holding each other as Death passes them by, taking their souls, one by one. A shadow of the Hell's monster appears in the end of the street and all that they do is to stand and wait for a hero to save them. The beast comes closer with his colossal teeth's and eats the people that are in his away. Blood is spilled trough the windows of the buildings near by. People running, leaving children and old people behind, seeking for a saviour, for help, for a chance to survive. But no one is really free from the fate ahead, the doom that lays within the words and actions of humanity, the bodies and souls of the human beings, forever condemned to an eternity of pain in the fire blazing of Hell.
The human stains the ground with his red blood, the devil's mark on the humans veins. See the rain fall into the faces of the dead. They have spilled their blood on this Earth and their souls have left the bodies laying in the floor, dead and useless. Maybe even food for the beast but surely not enough to please the demons that rose from Hell. Tears of the dead transform this Earth into a green and red place, where darkness will hunt the sinners into their coffins and torture them in their after life. All going under, where the tears of the dead are the payment into Heaven.

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