segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2007

Smile of Solitude

Imprisoned in my own mind, a dark corner that contains the deepest and most obscure sins of my soul. I see the blood coming down the walls. Some food or just my own, doesn't matter, tonight I'll drink to Death and Insanity. I'm trapped against this brick wall by the arms of the little demons from Hell, the forsaken by their master, the one's that look for the damned on Earth to take them to their lair and eat their bones. The core of my room is a vortex to the extreme of the garden of life. A wave of pain comes out of that vortex into my room. It turns itself into a storm and starts to rain. Black roses and spikes rise from the floor. They pierce me and fill me with holes. They may kill me, they may erase me, my soul will last forever.It won't be the same from now on. The darkness and solitude will be my best and only friends, like they always where, but now they're oversized, they just dominate my mind, they're my desire. No hate or anger to express, just the need to be alone in the dark, with the music braking the silence and turning my pain into thoughts of the soul. Maybe someday I'll be able to fly to the moon and just stand there, in the shadows, thinking of how is nice to be alone in the dark, no one to care, no one to annoy me, just me and my mother, the moon. When the Sun explodes and all of you die, I'll be there laughing knowing that this is the way to love. Wish I had just one more thing, the everlasting music that fills my heart when it's incomplete with sorrow. And there I won't cry, my tears won't be frozen, it will be just the smile of solitude and the moon.

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